Industrial Property becomes the most important dynamic issue in the modern economic movement, which is based on Knowledge & Technology.
IP has a tangible touch to draw new lines of changes in many fields in our life such as Economic, Social & Political, which save the rights of creativity & innovation.
There is no way to ignore the importance of IP after it has become a globalization issue & it has a big effect in many daily life field like Health, Commerce, Labor, Environment & Culture, in addition to the investment & Technology changes.
Legislation and implementation of  laws relating to the protection of IP  becomes necessary to be a part of both, government as well as individual in order to build a knowledge of improvement & Economic growth on the one hand, and social prosperity on the other.
First regulation in the Industrial property was issued in 1955 for patents, design & trade marks through Bahrain Industrial Property Office, which is considered as one of the oldest IP office in the Gulf, and it gained a good international reputation, considering the enforcements it has taken to protect the IP rights.
The important policy of the Industrial Property Directorate in Ministry Of Industry, Commerce and Tourism is to continually develop, and trace the international changes relating to IP.
From that vision, IPD (Industrial Property Directorate) has a mission to implement it to reality, which is, keeping the commerce environment in Kingdom of Bahrain healthy for innovation for dealers and customers.

  • Major Duties of the Directorate:
    • Implement the local laws and regulations of Industrial Property.
    • Represent the Kingdom of Bahrain by Attending the local and international meetings, conferences, symposiums, workshops and all other international occasions with respect to Intellectual Property..
    • Study the international agreements and its amendments in the field of Intellectual Property, in order to keep pace with and be a member of international IP bodies.
    • Develop the local Laws of Industrial Property according to commitments of International Organizations such as World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), World Trade Organization (WTO), and International agreements and conventions in this regard.
    • Implement the commitments stated in the international agreements joined by Kingdom of Bahrain that are related to Industrial Property, and issue all the notifications as and when required.
    • Co-ordinate with the GCC Patent Office, and contribute in its development. In addition, co-ordinate locally with the competent parties in the Ministry of Information or any other Ministry in respect of organizing work and follow up with the International Conventions and Agreements in the field of Intellectual Property Rights.
    • Receive and examine the requests for registration (examine the formalities and objectivities,, and co-ordinate with other International Patent Offices for objective research with respect to the examination of patents) of all types of Industrial Property such as Trade Marks, Patents, Industrial Designs, Integrated Circuits, Plants Varieties and Geographical Indications.
    • Prepare and issue the notifications of acceptance (after the applications pass the examination) and publication in the official gazette or any other kind of publication (before issuance of the registration certificates), and study the oppositions received against the registration application within the legal period.
    • Issue registration certificates for all kinds of Industrial Property.
    • Investigate the cases of imitation, infringement, and unfair competition, study them and take the necessary action in accordance with law. Furthermore, cope up with the issues against the phenomenon of and aggression against the rights of Intellectual Property, and ensure that this phenomenon is not actually taking place in Bahrain markets so as to maintain Bahrain’s reputation in this field.