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Assistant undersecretary of Domestic Trade meets a number of food traders
06 May 2018
Assistant undersecretary of Domestic Trade Mr. Hameed Rahma met food traders in order to review market’s readiness shops for the Holy month of Ramadan, and to ensure the availability of goods and in addition to discuss promotional offers for Ramadan. The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism is keen provide all necessary facilities to ensure the flow of special offers , noting that the Directorate of  Consumer Protection license more than 157 promotional offers for various outlets since the of April and the number is expected to increase.
Companies’ official from Bahrain Flour Mills Company, Bahrain Livestock Company and Delmon Poultry Company confirmed the availability of sufficient quantities to cover markets’ need before and during Ramadan, taking into account the increasing demand of these commodities during this period in particular. 
Officials of major markets confirmed the availability of large quantities of basic foodstuffs, which will be accessible to consumers while maintaining their price stability.
Mr. Hameed Rahma stressed the importance of consumers’ awareness and avoid storing products. Mr. Rahma expressed his appreciation to the fruitful cooperation between the ministry and the commercial sector in order to provide consumers’ need.