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​The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism confirms:
The Government of Bahrain is in contact with the US administration to obtain a special exemption for the new US customs fees on aluminum and iron imports
19 April 2018



The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Mr. Zayed R. Alzayani confirmed that the Ministry is in constant contact with the US Administration on the issue of exempting the Kingdom of Bahrain from customs duties imposed recently on imports of aluminum and iron. The Ministry is doing its utmost to resolve the matter in coordination with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Washington to obtain a special exception.
An initial formal request was submitted during Minister’s visit to Washington end of the last month, where he met US Secretary of Commerce Mr. Wilbur Ross and US Deputy Trade Representative Mr. Jeffrey Gerrish. He pointed out that the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United States enjoys strong relations, and there is optimism to obtain exemption from the customs fees proposed in the United States which is 25% on steel imports and 10% on aluminum imports which entered into force on March 23, 2018 in the United Stated of America in accordance with the decisions issued by US president on March, 2018.