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SME Definition


Number of Employees

Capital Investment (BD)Manufacturing Section

Annual Turnover (BD)

(All Sectors)


Up to 10

Up to 20,000

Up to 100,000


11-50 (up to 100 for construction sector)


100,001 - 1 Million


51-250 (up to 400 for construction sector)

500,001 - 3 Million

1,000,001 - 5 Million

  1. Threshold limits of both employment and capital investment/turnover will have to be complied with.
  2. For SME’s in manufacturing sector (including process industries), capital investment will be the defining criterion. For all other sectors, turnover based definition will be used.

  3. Capital investment does not include cost of land and building and will be calculated at the original value of purchase.

  4. Turnover figures need to be substantiated by a copy of audited balance sheet. (For micro businesses, only bank statements should be sufficient. For Small Businesses, in the absence of audited financials, software based compiled financials and bank statements will  be  sufficient.)