Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), a non-profit organisation established in 1939, is the leading private sector representative in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Membership is open to all members of the business community operating registered businesses in the country.

  • Services provided by the BCCI include:
     Attestation of documents, certificates and contracts
  •  Studies in various economic fields
  •  Provision of information on legislation, economic data, trade statistics, and databases of business establishments in Bahrain
  •  Settlement of commercial and business disputes
  •  Support and promotion of national exports
  •  Support to small and medium enterprises
  •  Organisation of local, regional and international exhibitions
  •  Promotion of investment opportunities in thecountry
  •  Library of business publications and periodicals available to both members and non-members