The Bahrain Development Bank

The Bahrain Development Bank (BDB) provides a variety of financial services that are tailored to meet the needs of small and medium businesses in Bahrain and promote the development of small and medium-sized projects in both the industrial and service sectors.
The state-owned bank assists aspiring and existing investors to help initiate new projects and businesses. It provides loans at highly competitive interest rates, in addition to business
advisory/counselling, and training through the Entrepreneurship Development and Enterprise Creation Programme.
Foreign-owned companies are eligible for partial financing, provided they meet certain criteria such as providing training and employment to a significant number of Bahrainis.

Services of the BDB include:

  • Short and long term composite loans for
    financing capital assets and core portion of
    working capital
  • Equity participation in start-ups as well as
    existing projects
  • Working capital finance for raw materials for
  • Leasing of equipment
  •  Arranging export finance for goods
    manufactured in Bahrain
  •  Islamic Finance-Murabahah facility
  • Business advisory and counselling services
  • Educational Loans
  • Fisheries and Agricultural Loans