Property Rental​

Renting residential or commercial property is a fairly straightforward process for both locals and foreigners, who can deal with the landlord directly or through a real estate agent.
Proof of identity, 2-3 months deposit and other standard conditions are required depending on the rental contract.

Commercial Rates*

Office Space (per square meter per month):
   Diplomatic Area                        BD 5 - 10
   Seef Area                                 BD 4 - 7.5
   Central Manama                       BD 4 - 7
   Bahrain Financial Harbour        BD 6 - 8

    Al Moayyed Tower                  BD 7 - 9



Retail Space (per square meter per month):

  Average                               BD 16
  Seef Mall                               BD 20


Residential Rates*


Monthly Rent for one-bed house/apartment:

  Juffair                                 BD 250 - 375

  Central Manama                  BD 250 - 350



Monthly Rent for two-bed house/apartment:

  Juffair                                BD 450 - 600

  Central Manama                 BD 350 - 450

  Adliya, Seef Area                BD 600 - 900



Monthly Rent for villas in high-end areas:

   Busaytin and Saar            BD 1,000 - 2,000

   Municipality Fee              10% of rent (all types)


Industrial Land
The Kingdom of Bahrain’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) operates 10 industrial areas covering 2,288 hectares.
The Ministry offers long-term leaseholds spanning 25 years. Industrial areas in general are provided with all necessary services such as roads, electricity, sewage systems, water and
Projects established in the industrial areas receive customs duties exemption on the import of capital equipment and raw materials used in production of the final goods, in addition to low electricity rates.

  • Eligibility: (All Bahraini and GCC nationals, foreign nationals and companies)
  • Rent: BD 0.5 - 0.7 per square metre
    per month Rates are reviewed every 5 years and may be increased by a ministerial resolution. Increases are capped at 30%.