Legal Framework

The commercial laws and legal system are under constant review to ensure that they are consistent with international standards. The Kingdom of Bahrain permits 100% foreign ownership of businesses.
Companies operating in Bahrain are expected to follow the international accounting standards and are encouraged to pursue good corporate governance. Bahrain has a zero-tolerance policy for Money Laundering and enforces best-practice international standards of intellectual property, labour and environment protection.
Additional key features of the business legalframework in Bahrain include:

  •  No restrictions on the repatriation or remittance of profits or capital
  • No restrictions on the import or export of local and foreign currencies
  • No tax on income, capital gains, sales, estate, interest, dividends, royalties or fees
  • Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) Arbitration Centre, which settles commercial disputes involving GCC citizens on the condition that they involve a minimum of BD 15,000