Selection of Company Name

 Guidelines for Selection of a Company Name

  • The selected name shall be not registered
    in the name of third parties at the Ministry of
    Industry and Commerce
  •  It shall not imply any violation of public morals,customs, traditions or religious beliefs
  • It shall not denote any activity contradicting the activity carried out by the business
  • It shall not be similar to famous (brand) names
  • It shall not be similar to another commercial name registered at the Ministry.
  •  It shall not be a name that is already registered at the Directorate of Industrial Property (exceptby special permission)
  • It shall be in conformity with the phrase indicating the legal form of the institution or company, which bears the name
  •  It shall not be composed, in whole or in part, of some expressions or names of political connotations or that are related to the regimeof any country, such as royalty or constitution
  • The phrases: insurance, re-insurance,investment, bank and derivatives thereof may not be used unless a prior authorization from the concerned party is obtained, provided that the company’s activity is consistent with the company’s name
  • Approval shall be obtained from official authorities of the commercial name of businesses undertaking certain activities within the jurisdiction of such authorities
  • A branch of a foreign company or a representative office must have a commercial name that is identical to the name of theoriginal company, followed by the phrase (a branch of a foreign company/representative office)
  •  An investor is required to propose four alternative company names, to be verified by the MOIC’s Investor Relations Division. Names that violate the guidelines above will be rejected. In the case that all four names are disqualified, the investor will be requested to submit new alternative names.