200 participants in the eCommerce Forum and Exhibition for Trading Establishments 2017

The Fourth edition of the eCommerce Forum and Exhibition for Trading Establishments 2017 held under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Mr. Zayed R. AL Zayani, in a strategic partnership with Tamkeen and the Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH), and supported by Gulf Petrochemical Company as a silver sponsor. The fourth edition of the eCommerce Forum and Exhibition 2017 under the slogan "eCommerce ... a Bahraini Platform ... For a Global Market" on Tuesday 17th October 2017 from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Bahrain Exhibition Hall in the Crown Plaza Hotel.
The event was attended by more than 200 participants from various business institutions, businessmen, investors and many interested in the eCommerce field.
Based on the successful discussions held in the event, the participants recommended a variety of constructive suggestions and proposals, including the introduction of eCommerce into school curriculums extensively and the allocation of lectures related to the new currency Bitcoins with the importance of coordination with banks and competent bodies in other countries. In addition, it was suggested to enhance the application of cloud computing in the small enterprise sector and granting Arabic language greater scope in the field of eCommerce.
Furthermore, activating platforms for successful experiences and raising awareness for creativity and innovation in this field was highly recommended, as well as focusing on the legislative and legal systems to support the judiciary and eArbitration as this will allow all technological companies to participate in the field of eCommerce development in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
As for the second panel discussion on the subject of eBusiness accelerators and virtual commercial registration, participants indicated that there is a need to accelerate the work of specialized eCommerce and examine the importance of adding other activities to "Sijli" to open the field for investment in this area more widely.
On the other hand, the survey provided the results regarding the event organization in general, indicating that the effectiveness of the registration process was 96%, as they were considered easy and flexible. The attendees enjoyed the topics presented by 88%. The audience praised 60% of the media coverage in terms of advertising in newspapers, magazines and social networking sites, etc. While the selection of the headquarters of the event and the duration of the time it was held in, was rated excellent, and the effectiveness achieved the desired results by 64%. Attendees recommended others to attend in the coming years by 90% with the possibility of repeating the event more than once during the year. Overall, the event is evaluated with a very good estimate according to the rate obtained from the survey.