MOICT’s Consumer Protection directorate praises the private sector’s collaboration in ensuring the correct implementation of VAT

The Ministry of Industry Commerce and Tourism (MOICT)’s Consumer Protection directorate has praised various vendors across the Kingdom for placing “VAT FREE” stickers on items not subject to 5% VAT. 

The vendors have adopted this measure in response to the National Bureau for Revenue‘s call to ensure the correct implementation of VAT, in order to ensure transparency to consumers, and to ease daily transactional business in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law no. (35) of 2012 and its executive regulations. 

The directorate noted the role of the private sector as a key partner in raising awareness amongst consumers regarding VAT implementation. 

The Consumer Protection directorate highlighted the importance of placing the VAT registration certificate in a location that is visible to consumers, and noted its commitment to monitoring and inspecting the market in order to ensure the correct application of VAT. 

The directorate urges consumers to call 80008001 to report any violations in the application of the 5% VAT to any goods and services not subject to the tax.