eParticipation Policy

​eParticipation Policy

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce seeks to take an active role in developing the national economy by encouraging and promoting inward investment and organic business development and by providing high quality facilities and services  to investors,  whilst adhering to Bahrain’s multilateral commitments,  international standards and best practices, for the well-being of consumers and the community at large; And our belief in the importance of promoting e-attendees via an easy and innovative channels of connection and communication process with various segments of society. We are keen to interact with clients across sites and applications of social networking in a professional manner to achieve their satisfaction.

The purpose of eParticipation policy

The purpose of the eParticipation policy is to develop the necessary rules and regulations that will regulate the use of eParticipation tools and to clarify the procedures and responsibilities involved in this process to be as a reference for managing the various aspects of electronic participation in an optimal manner ,and in order to achieve the objectives for which it was found. And due to its effective impact in providing the scientific awareness and knowledge necessary for the success of electronic participation practices.

Scope of eParticipation Policy

The e-participation policy applies to all topics, opinions, discussions and surveys that are offered and are traded through the electronic participation tools provided by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce through the website or through social networking sites and applications, whether they are submitted using computers, smart mobile devices and tablets.

Target Audience and Supervision Policy:

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce welcomes all segments of the public to make their comments and opinions available. Their interventions will be appreciated and will be taken into consideration as an important reference in discussing improvements and developments to our services. Provided that such views are not:

  • Security threats.
  • Including inappropriate language.
  • Violating the privacy of others or offensive to others.
  • Violating the local laws.
  • Improper, obscene or defamatory.
  • Including spam or promoting trade.
  • Interpreted as prejudicial or prejudicial to any part of society based on race, color, nationality, religion or status and the like.
  • Including group or political discussions.
  • Violation of intellectual property rights.

Failure to comply with this policy can result in the participant being withheld.



Ministry's commitment to the public

  •  We will discuss you and always treat you with respect and attention.
  • We will communicate with you through a cooperative, knowledgeable staff, which understands your needs and can answer your queries.
  • We will respond to your inquiries in time and without delay.
  • We will provide you with accurate information and proper service procedures.
  •  We will be present to communicate with you in times and via channels and sites that are proper to you as much as possible.
  • We will welcome your comments and suggestions to share the development of our services with you.


Important Notice​
The Ministry of Industry and​ Commerce is not responsible for the opinions expressed as they reflect the ideas of their personal owners.