Testing and Metrology Services

Testing Services:

​​​1. Analysis & Hallmarking of precious Metals Articles & Bars with the official hallmarks

 2. Control of Precious Metals, Pearls, Gemstones and Its Articles

Control of all commercial activities related to manufacture and trade of Precious Metals, Pearls, and Stones of values, to ensure its compliance with the legislation and technical requirements adopted in the kingdom of Bahrain.
3. Control of the licensed laboratories to test Pearls and Gemstones:
Control of the licensed Laboratories for testing pearls, Gemstones or Diamonds, and the extent to which they comply with the regulations and requirements to be met in these laboratories, in accordance with the Ministerial Order No. 163 of 2016, in terms of verifying the efficiency of the technical team and their qualifications, machinery, equipment, Testing methods, and all other related areas.​​
4. Introducing  support & technical consultation to the local Jewellery Sector:
The Directorate provides the technical support and consultation for the domestic Jewellery sector  in terms of precious Metals alloys data, calculation of the legal carats for bars and solders, in addition to statistics and production report.
5. Awareness & Education
To provide awareness to the consumers of precious metals, pearls and gemstones stones and to educate them with their consumer rights and duties through various means of communication including social networking platforms, direct communication, materials and media.
6. Control over the Jewelley exhibitions in the kingdom of Bahrain:
Taking responsibilities of control over jewelry exhibitions in the Kingdom of Bahrain.   In order,  to verify the conformity of the exhibited products to the regulations and technical requirements of the legislation and laws adopted in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and to ensure the preservation of the right of the consumer, In addition to enhance the reputation of the Bahrain as an authentic home of gold and natural pearls.
7. ​Hallmarking of high end Jewellery Articles Service:

The service is basically serves the branded Jewelers and those who are trading in high value articles studded with pearls, diamonds and gemstones.  Where the clients can receive their ready items back within hours and always requested to accompany their items during the analysis and hallmarking process, to ensure the high level of client’s confidence in handling their Jewellery items.  Clients and the public can book for the service through: METALGEMbooking@moic.gov.bh .

8. Special Hallmarking requests:

This service is projected to the precious metals manufacturers, wholesaler and importers who are mainly considered the chain suppliers for the other retail jewllers. Throughout this special service, clients are guaranteed to submit their requests at once according to the receiving criteria with a very special conditions considering minimizing the time, efforts, and cost.  To get the benefit of the service and booking, clines can kindly contact the C.S group on: METALGEM@moic.gov.bh
9. Recognition of Special Hallmarks & International Branded Jewelleries​:
For enhancing the trading and investment environment in the Kingdom of Bahrain; Globally branded jewelleries and Special Hallmarks of certain manufacturers can be officially recognized in the kingdom of Bahrain according to special criteria’s.  Upon the fulfillments of the requirements, the recognized hallmarks can be traded in the kingdom Bahrain in a similar pattern as the official Bahraini’s hallmarks.  Those interested entities can contact the concerned team to get the full details and requirements on METALGEM@moic.gov.bh
10.Licensing of Bahrain Institute for Pearls & Gemstone Testing (DANAT)​:
The licensing of Bahrain Institute for Pearls & Gemstones to do the pearls and gemstones testing services; is part of the Ministry of Industry and​ Commerce commitments to activate the fair competition in the local business environment and to support different segmentations of the service based trading, with the assurance of adhering to the related regulations.

Metrology Services:
  1. ​Developing and adopting national standards and technical regulations through a national program that meets the needs of various sectors within the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  2. Drafting technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures to ensure safety, health and protect the environment and national economy.
  3. Controlling and monitoring the conformity of products to ensure their compliance to the related technical regulations
  4. Establishing and operating a national metrology laboratory that will be a reference for national measurements and in line with international standards.
  5. Conducting periodic inspection for verification of weights and measures used in Bahrain’s markets.
  6. Providing calibration services and certification for weights, balances, weighing bridges for the industrial sector.​
  7. Coordinating with relevant regional, Arab and international organizations related to standardization activities.
  8. Promoting and selling standards and technical regulations.
  9. Acting as the national enquiry point for the international agreements to which the directorate is committed.
  10. Receiving and responding to enquires related to standardization.
  11. Offering technical consultancy and promoting awareness about standardization activities.
  12. Granting permits for regulated commercial activities by issuing certificates and offering consulting or training related to the standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  13. ​Maintaining and improving the quality management system in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.