To achieve a sustainable, balanced and integrated industrial development and a clear vision of the free economy and, with the full participation of the private sector, provide quality job opportunities and indigenise advanced industrial technology.


  • To develop, diversify and integrate basic industries (aluminium, petrochemicals, iron, and gas) and set up new basic industries with a high added value.
  • To transfer technology and localise advanced industrial techniques and informatics in the kingdom.
  • To establish a strong infrastructure and facilities in the industrial areas, thereby fulfilling the needs of the burgeoning industries within the industrial sector and opening new custom-made industrial areas using modern and innovative techniques to attract new industrial investments.
  • To secure adequate and ongoing finance to meet the requirements of the industrial energy sector and thereby ensure the sustainability of this sector.
  • To formulate tailor-made training programmes that sharpen the skills and capabilities of the national human resources in the industrial sector.
  • To cooperate and coordinate with the research centres, think tanks, universities and highly specialised scientific, academic, and professional institutions (both within the kingdom and abroad) in order to introduce new industrial and technological programmes.
  • To enhance industrial coordination and integration within the GCC structures.
  • To open new channels for local, regional, and international finance, thereby enabling local industrialists to transfer, localise, and develop industrial technologies.
  • To develop new mechanisms and plans to attract foreign direct investments to the industrial sector in general and to the advanced technologies and informatics sector in particular.
  • To encourage the alternative energy industry and solar energy (including biogas, etc), as well as promote environmentally friendly industries such as recycling.
  • To develop mechanisms that support both the current small and medium industries (SMEs) and prospective new industries in the private sector, allowing them to play a pivotal role in industrial development.
  • To enhance the contribution of the private sector to industrial development.