Commercial Agency

Commercial agency means representing a principal (another person) in the distribution of goods and products or displaying them for sale or trading purposes in consideration of profit or commission or providing facilities of any kind whatsoever including overland travel, shipping, or airline agencies (freight, air, land), tourist and travel agencies, service, insurance, printing, publishing, press, publicity, advertising agencies, firms, and any other commercial activities to be specified by an order of the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

​Agency details

  1. Agent and principal name, nationality, and address.
  2. Properties, goods, and services included in the agency, as well as the rights and obligations of both the agent and the principal, and the amount of profit or commission the agent is entitled to in consideration of the agency.
  3. The agent's area of operation.
  4. Term of agency, if is for a definite period.
  5. The area of business of both the agent and the principal.
  6. The brand name or trademark of the goods.
  7. The agent's obligation to provide adequate spare parts and necessary maintenance to repair vehicles, machinery, engines, equipment, or electronic appliances covered by the commercial agency.
  8. Arbitration clause for referring any dispute arising from the agency's contract to arbitration if the two parties agreed.
  9. Any other terms and conditions agreed upon between the agent and the principal provided that they do not conflict with the provisions of this law.


The word “amendment" means changing agency details such as agreement clauses, the principal's name, the principal's address, managing products or services, cancelling agency, or appeal against cancellation. The applicant who wishes to make any adjustment on his agency has to apply for the application request and upload the required document as the application type on the sijilat system.

Required document to register a new agency or amendment

The required document and information that is determined by the agency department has to be uploaded in the opened application on the sijilat system in accordance with the provisions of the law and the regulations and decisions issued in implementation thereof that it deems necessary to complete the applications. The data is verified by the administration concerned and matched with the assets whenever necessary.

Applications for new agency, renewal, cancellation, or amendment

The agency application, renewal, cancellation, or amendment has to be sent to the agency department. The registration section has the electronic form on the sijilat website, and that is by uploading the required document on sijilat system online.

Authorised applicants to upload applications through the sijilat system

The agency application, renewal, cancellation, or amendment has to applied for online by the agency owner or an authorised person on his behalf. Then the agency department checks if the applicant is authorised to open this application through the sijilat system or not, and the authorisation letter is uploaded to the system.

Mechanism way to start with the applications:

The agency section in the registration department starts by checking the applications and giving the applicant the result.

How to provide an agency certificate

If the agency section in the registration department accepts the agency application, then they will provide an electronic certificate. The certificate contains:

  • AR number
  • AR registration date
  • CR number
  • Branch number
  • Agreement period, agreement start and end date
  • Renewal period and expiration date
  • Agent name, address, and nationality
  • Principal name and address
  • Product and services
  • Trademark

Agency renewal

The owner of the agency must renew the agency's licence every year with the required documents through the agency section and pay the required fee. The renewal application has to be applied for on the sijilat system after the expiration date but not exceeding two months after this date.

Renewal or applying for new application in case of irregularities

The agency section in the registration department has the right to refuse renewal of the agency, cancel the licence, or apply for any amendment application for the AR  if there were irregularities. The agency owner must clear the irregularities if they want to gain a new licence.


Agency cancellation for not renewing

If the agency is not renewed after two months from the due date, the agency will be automatically cancelled.

Cases that allows the ministry to cancel the agency

The agency section in the registration department can cancel the agency in accordance with any judicial ruling or decision. The registration shall also be removed by administrative decision to lose a condition of its conditions or to contravene the law regulations and decisions.​ 

Cancelled agent reactivation

The agency section in the registration department can reactivate the cancelled agency within two weeks from the cancellation date by putting the electronic application through the sijilat system online by choosing the appeal option. The agency section has the authority to either accept the reactivation or refuse it after studying the case.

Special language for applications, documents, papers and correspondence

All the applications, documents, papers, and correspondence provided to the agency section, in accordance with any judicial ruling or decision, has to be in Arabic or English. If it was in another language this also has to be included with a translation document in Arabic or English.

The notification method

Notification method is through:

  1. Registered mail
  2. Electronic mail
  3. Delivery by hand
  4. Fax
  5. Any methods approved by the Ministry.


Payment requirements for agencies:

NO. Application type The Amount (BD)
1New registration10 BD
2Accepting the agency registration20 BD
3Agency amendment (Change principal name, principal address, agreement clauses, product/services)5 BD
4Inquiries and issuance of balance2 BD for one copy
5Agency renewal 10 BD
6Reactivate cancelled agencyNo amount
7Sale law book 2 BD​