About eCommerce and IT Directorate

The Kingdom of Bahrain realised the importance of e-commerce and its role as early as 1999, but e-commerce first started in Bahrain in 2004 with the establishment of the Directorate of eCommerce and IT at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

The strategy of the Directorate was founded on the basis of supporting and strengthening the infrastructure of electronic commerce and information technology in the Kingdom of Bahrain in order to encourage and assist individuals, and commercial, industrial, and tourism sectors to use electronic techniques to conduct daily transactions in a secure, fast, and low-cost manner.

In that sense, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism launched its official website www.moic.gov.bh. This website has undergone major development over the years and has since added various online services. The Directorate of eCommerce and IT provided the website with the latest technology to ensure its development is in line with e-government initiatives to provide the finest electronic services to the public.

The Directorate of eCommerce and IT is also keen to strengthen its capacity by professionally meeting the ever-changing requirements of today's world, including efforts regarding the preparation and implementation of legislation and laws related to electronic commerce in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Directorate has also sought to launch and administer various programmes in the area of electronic commerce and its applications aimed at raising awareness of its importance. In addition, the Directorate is setting up different activities to enrich electronic content for local business, based on the historical role of the Kingdom as a regional hub for commerce.

The Directorate of eCommerce and IT is looking forward to realising greater electronic achievements in the coming years with the aim of enhancing e-awareness in various sectors of society, as they are its key beneficiaries. In that regard, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism strives to implement the directives of the wise leadership by enabling citizens and residents alike to complete transactions on their own via the electronic channels it provides instead of following conventional methods that are a waste of time, money, and effort. This comes in the context of pushing the Kingdom of Bahrain further towards the digital society in line with the Kingdom of Bahrain Economic Vision 2030.​