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The Directorate of eCommerce and Information Technology of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism was established in 2004 to regulate and foster the infrastructure of eCommerce and Information Technology in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The purpose of the directorate is to encourage and assist individuals as well as the commercial and industrial sectors to use the direct communications technologies to complete their daily transactions in a secure, quick and cost-effective manner via the Internet.
The Directorate has been established in order to facilitate and make life easier for the investors by promoting eCommerce. Furthermore, its focusing on preparing the community through awareness and education campaigns and provide the investors with all consultation support needed for conversion to eCommerce.
The Directorate of eCommerce and Information Technology aims to enhance its capabilities with high and global standards to meet new demands in the world of commerce. The Directorate periodically prepares related legislation that is responsive to the demands of the Ministry's infrastructure in terms of information and communications technology. The functions of the Directorate of eCommerce and Information Technology will boost the government's vision in partnering and collaborating with the private sector to build the national economy and foster its development and growth.