Upcoming Training Courses

Upcoming Training Courses:

• Mastering eCommerce Masterclass
3-5 December 2018
This intensive course is designed for participants to benefit from a comprehensive overview of eCommerce and understand the different components that are required to start and run an eCommerce business. The course is also designed to enable participants evaluate eCommerce capabilities and platforms and help future proof their business in a competitive landscape.

• Mastering Marketplace eCommerce
10 -13 December 2018
Designed for entrepreneurs and businesses who are considering creating their eCommerce business on a marketplace such as Amazon, Etsy etc. It is designed to offer a strategic approach to the creation of the business, from understanding the ins and outs of Marketplace eCommerce & how it can benefit their business.

• Internet Marketing Associate Training
14-17 January 2019
Participants will become proficient on the high-tech and data-driven world of digital commerce – from understanding how to set their commercial strategy through to how to drive customer acquisition and growth, this course will provide them with toolkits, which they can utilize to run their own digital businesses.

• Mastering Digital Marketing
11-14 February 2019
This training course is for professionals seeking to achieve competitive advantage by understanding & implementing effective long-term digital marketing. This course will equip participants with the knowledge, confidence, tools & techniques to build and refine the right digital marketing strategy for your organization.

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