Industry In The Kingdom of Bahrain

​​Diversified Industrial Base

This will result in the following:
• Less dependency on oil as a major source of income.
• A greater emphasis on manufacturing.
• An aluminium smelter and an array of aluminium conversion industries.
• The emergence of other sectors (petrochemicals, iron and steel engineering, services, and small and medium enterprises [SMEs]).

​Active Participation from the Private Sector
This will result in the following:
• Increased private sector participation in industrial activities.
• Greater participation in the decision-making process.
• A well-established legal and financial mechanism, and a suitable environment for investors.
• Greater transparency throughout the legal process and adherence to the rule of law.

Targeted Sectors

• Aluminium• Building materials
• Petrochemicals and plastics• Industrial services and support
• Engineering• Knowledge-based industries
• Pharmaceuticals
• Garments and textiles
• Food processing
• Fibreglass