​SMEs Registration System

This service enables SMEs to apply for classification certificates according to the size in order to benefit from development in​itiatives and programs dedicated for their sector.

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Submit New Application

To submit new applications for obtaining SMEs Classification Certificate.

Applications Follow Up Or Generate Certificate​​

To follow up on defect applications or to generate SMEs Classification Certificates for approved applications.

Renew Certificate or Renew Closed Applications

To renew expired SMEs Classification Certificates or to renew closed applications.

User Guideline for SME's Registration Form​​

  • About SMEs Online Registration System ( English)
  • Benefits associated with SMEs Classification Certificateعربي | ​English )
  • User guideline for SME's Registration Form​​ ( عربي | ​English )
  • Requirements and Criteria for Classification of Enterprises by Size ( عربي​ |  En​glish ​)
  • ​In-House annual financial report template (English)​
Service Owner
SMEs Development Directorate

Address: Bahrain Financial Harbour - Manama

Telephone: (+973) 17568088

Fax: (+973) 17581504

P.O. Box: 5479​

Email: sme@moic.gov.bh​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​